surviving to the social media wonderful new world

Roadside Hawk
Source / Author:
Ron Knight from Seaford, East Sussex, United Kingdom

What exactly we are when using the social networks?

Did we maintain the same pathos? Or we’ve changed to a complete different personality? What exactly drives your use of the social media? Activism? Networking? Meet new people, new ideas? Sex? War? Gaming? Nothing in special?

Yes, its not easy to understand what is our real intention about the social networking and maybe its not really important know the reasons the fact is that we have now powerful tools on our hands, we can reach more people, we can break chains, we ended with the middle age, the darkness imposed by generations of politicians and rulers.

Even with all the negative things which came with the social media networking, specially the way that the biggest players, Facebook, Twitter and others, use our personal information to have gross profits, with all the wrong use of the politic groups, Governments, Secret Services, mafias, hackers and all the malign people its a fact that people`s voice is now much more powerful than ever.

What we want to present you is a totally free vision about our world with no other intention than be part of this wonderful new world, being honored by your presence here on our humbling blog.

Please feel free to participate with us on this adventure, be part of our network, live and share with us your ideas, vision and activism.